San Luis Obispo High School
Class of 1974


In Memory Of...

If you have memories or pictures you would like to share about one of our
classmates please send them to our email address and they will be posted.

George Anderson
Mike Anderson
Myron Austin
Kary Blair Gonyer (2012)
Tracey Brott Gowing (2014)
Keith Peter Brown (2010)
Jeff Bryan (1972)
Carmin Paul Calitri (2018)
Mark Carlson (2000)
Leslie Margaret Chastain (2001)
Mary Critchlow
Denise Crosno West (2022)
Denise Davis Hughes (2023)
Thad Rowland Davis (2014)
Vicky Davis
David Edman
Cherie (Federer) Buford (2017)
Donald Foge
Dwane Gibbons (2024)
Kathleen Glenn-Gould (2016)
Debby Granvold-Erdman
Ronnie Foster (2010)
Ralph E. Gain
James Guelff
Gwen Guyer (2017)
Craig Hostetter
Michael Hudgens
Gloria Johnson (2015)
Kendra Kogan Beck (2014)
Mary Leonard Palmer (2017)

Patrick Maloney
Roderick L. MacDonald (2010)
Mike Martin
Kevin Lee McLaughlin (2017)
Michael Murphy (1996)
David Matthew Netto (2010)
David Robert Nichols (2021)
Charles Parra (2020)
Jeanne Parsons
Janel C. Peterson
Thomas Pietz (2023)
John Proud
Alonso Congote Restrepo
Nancy Ries
Bruce Romero
Johnie E. Ruda (2007)
Vicki Marie Terra Hall (2021)
Barbara Schaefer-Torrez
David Anthony Schifano (1973)
Melinda Schilly-Pearl
Ronald Silveira (2013)
Janet Vosburgh Schweikhard (2021)
Steven Dale Suisse (2020)
Herb Waite (2018)
Mark Lewis Weigold
Brian Weiss
Tom Westbrook (1998)
Mark Woodward (2024)
Kent Wright (2009)
Brett Yeager (2008)


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